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 We Design Coliving For Wellbeing & Community

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We have a coliving library of best practice coliving design features built from five years of researching & visiting coliving globally.

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Our architectural  & space planning design skills developed over eleven years of practice alongside our knowledge base of best in class coliving design allow us to work with you to create an end product which meets and exceeds the requirements of your brief. 

Tell Us About Your Coliving Project

No matter what stage you’re at, you can get expert advice from our team - free of charge.

Coliving Project In London

We Offer The Following Design Services:

You Have An Existing Coliving Building & Want To Improve It?

Created to attend those interested in running or managing coliving, this service aims to give specific advice of how to build a community-driven development. You will have a one-to-one conversation with one of our experts from Conscious Coliving.

Wellbeing Interior Design Upgrade

We will help you develop a furniture, fixtures, and equipment Kit Of Parts for your brand (including indoor planting) according to your budget. This will include creating furniture layouts  for the bedrooms and shared spaces of your coliving building.

Community Design Upgrade

We will visit your space, analyse its current social interactions and layout and create a report which recommends improvements to enhance your community functioning and wellbeing.


We will visit your space, analyse your current interior design approach and suggest an improved interior design scheme, according to our knowledge of best practice Coliving Design. This will include revised interior layouts and material treatments, new colour scheme, lighting, biophilic elements, signage and wayfinding aligned with our 3 pillars of sustainability, wellbeing and community.

WELL Accredited Professionals.

As  WELL Accredited Professionals we will act as project managers and coordinators managing the process of obtaining WELL Building Certification for your building. We will visit your building, advise on  the achievable levels (silver, gold platinum) and the upgrades/operational changes required in order to meet them. We will then manage the process of compiling all required information and liaise with the WELL Building Institute in  coordinating the required testing in order to obtain this.

You Want To Create Or Retrofit A New Coliving Building?


We will work alongside your architects bringing our expertise on board to advise on best practice coliving design. We will analyse their proposals using a unique set of tools we have developed drawing upon our expertise in wellbeing and community and knowledge of the best bedroom/studio and amenity space layouts. We will suggest optimisations in order to make sure their designs will facilitate best value and support a really great coliving resident experience.

Concept Design. Interior Design. Architecture. London

At concept design stage we will develop the design of your coliving building at the level of its schematic layout and function, incorporating sustainability, wellbeing and community.

Technical design and construction in London. Architecture. Coliving Design

At technical design stage, we will take your approved planning drawing and add in all the detail required for tender and construction. 


We will visit your space, analyse your current interior design approach and suggest an improved interior design scheme which will include interior layouts, colour scheme, signage, wayfinding,  for your coliving building aligned with our 3 pillars of sustainability, wellbeing and community.

Feasilibity Study. Architecture. Coliving

Our Coliving Feasibility study will help you answer the initial high-level questions you have about you building on site. 

Schematic Design. London. Interior Design and Architectural design

At planning stage, building on our concept design, we will create a full set of schematic plans, sections and elevations of your building for submission to the local planning authority to obtain planning permission. We will research local planning requirements in detail, compile the required documentation, make the required applications and follow due process with the planning department in question in order to help you obtain planning permission for your coliving building.


At interior design stage we will help you develop a Kit of Parts which will include furniture fixtures, equipment lists and biophilic planting design for your coliving building aligned with our 3 pillars of sustainability, wellbeing and community.

Search for my building. Architecture. Coliving. Operator. Developer.

Building Search

As Coliving Architects and planning professionals, working with our partners at Conscious Coliving, we can bring to bear the local knowledge and understanding you need to find a suitable building or buildings for your coliving operation. With this service, we will work with you to tailor our delivery to meet your needs.

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