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Allotment Community Housing


Wellstudio Coliving, in partnership with Archadia Chartered Architects, entered the 'Peabody Gap Sites' design competition, choosing to design a proposal for the Morpeth Road Garages site, near Victoria Park in East London. 


Working with a series of narrow sites which would be freed up by the planned demolition of the existing garages, Wellstudio Coliving developed a scheme of socially and environmentally sustainable semi-detached courtyard houses.  The design planned for shared entrances, courtyard spaces, and community allotments, providing increased opportunities for social interaction without sacrificing privacy.


Wellstudio Coliving aims to develop housing with high sustainability credentials, including the use of timber frames, with brick cladding, photovoltaic roof mounted panels, cycle storage, and shared allotment spaces.

Morpeth Rd Sketchup Houses view, website
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