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Coliving Hotel


Wellstudio collaborated with  Conscious Coliving  to create a sustainable coliving hotel for young tech professionals in Chennai, India.  The Coliving hotel concept differs from other hotel concepts in that residents' private rooms are organised into clusters arranged around community living spaces, incorporating a number of natural features such as green terraces which overlook the surrounding dense urban spaces. The lower levels of the building incorporate an indoor food market and retail space for wellbeing-oriented businesses to operate, topped with an urban green space accessible to the public as well as residents, with the view to contributing to the local community and expanding wellness for everyone affected by the building.

The proposal considered a sustainable and holistic health lifestyle at every step of the design process. 

The main massing concept is inspired by the narrow courtyards of the traditional 'chawls' of Indian slums. These courtyards are combined with horizontal and vertical shading aided by strategic planting which enables the building to reduce the risk of overheating from harsh direct sunlight. Shaded green terraces and courtyards with natural cross ventilation provide a cooling air movement. All these features were designed to maximally enhance wellbeing in the hot and humid climate to one of India's most populous urban agglomerations.

final_balcony view.jpg
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