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Wellstudio Coliving Webinars

Wellstudio Coliving Webinar ‘An Introduction To Coliving Interior Design'

During the webinar you will:

  • Get an insight into the 10 elements of wellbeing

  • Learn about coliving interior design features at different scales of a coliving building

  • Learn about how people socially interact and how you can design your building to support this

  • Gain an overview of interior design fit-out for coliving as well as colour schemes and biophillic design

  • Understand how Wellstudio can help you with your coliving project using different coliving interior design Learn about coliving interior design products

Wellstudio Coliving Webinar ‘Why Coliving Is A Great Development Opportunity!'

During the webinar you will:

  • Understand the different types of Coliving & the demographics they cater for

  • Understand the different scales of a Coliving building

  • Learn how Coliving works financially, how this varies with scale and how it compares versus other asset classes in terms of its return on investment potential

  • Gain an overview of some different types of Coliving building amenities and how they can generate additional revenue

  • Learn a few potential routes to assessing the feasibility of a site for Coliving and obtaining planning permission

  • Tom Manwell is joined by Matt Zeilas from Palma Coliving on this webinar.

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