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Coliving Spatial Consultancy

We will work alongside your architects bringing our expertise on board to advise on best practice coliving design. We will analyse their proposals using a unique set of tools we have developed drawing upon our expertise in wellbeing and community and suggest optimisations in order to make sure their designs will facilitate best value and optimise coliving resident experience.


Amenity Design

We will evaluate the amenity spaces your architects propose and draw upon our knowledge of best practice coliving design on how to optimise them so that they support a thriving community and are used by the coliving residents 

Untitled design (33).png

Movement Paths

Through our research, we will predict the movement paths of residents through the proposed building, identify points of social interaction and suggest design features which optimise the social interactivity of the building's design.

Untitled design (41).png

Wellbeing Optimisation

Using our WELL Building Standard professional expertise, we will assess your architect's designs in terms of their wellbeing attributes and offer suggestions for supporting the wellbeing of your residents.


Bedroom Design

We will analyse the bedroom designs your architects propose and compare them to best practice coliving design. We will suggest optimisations to bedroom layouts in order to maximise the wellbeing of residents.

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