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Community Design Upgrade

We will visit your space, analyse its current social interactions and layout and recommend improvements to enhance your community functioning and wellbeing.

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Movement Path Mapping

We analyse the building's proposed floorplans to map the probable movement paths of residents through the buildings and identify points of interaction. We use this data to help you optimise your coliving design for social interaction.

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Dimensions Of Community

Zooming into each cluster space we will help you develop spaces which have the right spatial dimensions to facilitate social interaction. When you are cooking in the kitchen, what is the optimum distance you should be from someone at the dining table to allow you to have a good quality conversation?

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Augmenting Natural Social Interaction Points

Taking the crossover and stopping points discovered from our movement path mapping we will then propose the design features which enhance these points for social interaction.

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Law Of Increasing Social Interation

Applying the law of increasing social interaction to your spaces we will make recommendations for how the spaces can be improved to maximise social interaction effects.

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