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Sustainable Community Hostel


Wellstudio Coliving is supporting Eco Soul, a non-profit social enterprise which has a vision for the design of a novel concept for the London hospitality industry.  The initial concept involved designing a hostel in Brixton. The brief for the space centred around creating shared spaces with the goal of enhancing a holistic sense of wellbeing for it's visitors; where people who are passionate about positive social change and environmental sustainability could meet to connect and inspire each other. By designing a meeting place for the many people who pass through London, their vision is to strengthen networks for positive change and alternative communities. 

The hostel concept will offer communal dining spaces where people can meet other people with shared values. Spaces were considered for hosting a diverse range of workshops (many peer-led by guests), enabling people from different places to inspire each other with stories about the work they do, to build and strengthen networks together. People who share values of social change, sustainability, mental and physical wellbeing can come together to connect and inspire each other. It will serve as a model of more sustainable urban living. A significant part of its educational impact will be in offering people a direct experience of living a low-impact lifestyle for 24 hours. The design of the hostel will aim to be as low-carbon and near zero-waste as possible, and will source all materials from construction from ethical suppliers.


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Eco Soul Hostel - Gresham Road 2018-11-0
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