Feasibility Study

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Just starting out? Our Coliving Feasibility Study will help you answer the following questions about your building or site.



By developing initial high-level layouts of your coliving building, in terms of the number and size of amenities achievable, and working with you to explore your target market and which amenities would work for them we can give you initial zoning for amenity spaces. 


Planning Policy

Through our initial planning research we will be able to advise you on the best approach to achieving planning permission for your scheme as well as looking at the potential size of building obtainable on your site. 



In partnership  with conscious coliving, we can provide you with financial modelling services so you can get a handle on your build costs, rental income and look at your return on investment.


Bedroom Numbers

Through the creation of initial high level layouts of your building  you can get a handle on the number of coliving  bedrooms and studios achievable on your site.