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Our Wellbeing Design Philosophy 

We design using ten elements of wellbeing.

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Light  We maximise natural light, promote soft, smart lighting  to circadian rhythm & use of colour schemes which aid relaxation. 

Air  We design for natural ventilation, clean air and fragrances which facilitate wellbeing. 

Sound We design for a high standard of acoustic separation between private and shared space, and shared spaces with acoustics which dampen sound and aid conversation. 

Warmth We use high standards of insulation to create warm, cosy environments with lower energy use. 

Touch We use natural materials, sustainably sourced, which are pleasing to touch. 

Togetherness We think hard to create the right balance of private and shared space and design spaces which support the different scales of human connection from intimate conversation, to family sharing time, to community gathering. 

Nature Our spaces connect with nature. We design them to provide access and views to gardens and use biophilic design (indoor planting) to aid wellbeing. 

Sustainability We design using sustainably sourced materials where possible, high levels of insulation  and for low energy and environmentally sustainable building operation.

Movement We create opportunities to encourage movement, the act of changing position and posture, as well as for physical exercise. 

Aesthetics We design with the wellbeing benefits of beauty and harmony in mind.  

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We Have A Library Of Best Practice Coliving Design Features Built From 5 Years Of Researching & Visiting Coliving Globally

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We have accumulated primary and secondary images through research and trips to coliving buildings in the UK and globally.

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We have videos which depict first-hand the experience, space and movement within different coliving buildings.

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We have acquired coliving building plans which give us an insight into how a coliving building operates

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We have spoken to the residents of coliving buildings and obtained real life feedback on what works and doesn't work on coliving building design.

Coliving Building Design Framework

We have a unique building framework for designing coliving buildings which helps us integrate best practice coliving design features into your building.

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 WELL Accredited Professionals 

We are WELL Accredited Professionals & qualified to work to the WELL Building Standard, a globally reconised standard for creating buildings which support human health & wellness.

Underpinning our specialism in wellbeing is our knowledge and understanding of the internationally recognised WELL Building Standard which we use to inform our designs. The WELL Building Standard creates a framework for the design and operation of buildings to improve nutrition, fitness, mood, sleep patterns, and the performance of its occupants; in summary, enabling the residents of our buildings to thrive.

On each project we work closely with our clients to create a bespoke brief, which aims to fulfil the requirements of our clients, stakeholders, the local community, and its residents. We lead on the design, planning, and construction phases to deliver a built product which satisfies building requirements and falls within budget. We benefit from 10 years of experience navigating the U.K. planning system and have an understanding of the complexities, and restraints which face coliving developments as an asset class.  

We work closely with a range of reputable consultants, from structural engineers, construction cost experts, environmental specialists to properly vetted and accredited contractors, enabling us to being their expertise to bear with the view of delivering great project outcomes.

Our Process

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Work With Us

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