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Sustainable Urban Coliving 


Closely working with our partners at Conscious Coliving, Wellstudio Coliving worked on a concept design proposal for a new coliving concept in London aimed at the creative and finance industry professional market. The proposal was for the construction of a sustainable urban building, organised into a series of well connected living clusters accommodating 8-12 residents in each, with the goal of supporting both a thriving community and resident wellbeing. The building would include a number of core communal amenties such as flexible coworking spaces, cafes and a wellbeing centre. 

The design explored two coliving bedroom/living  typologies; one with a kitchenette, living, bathroom and bedroom for standard floor to ceiling heights; and a second with a mezzanine bedroom for higher floor to ceiling heights.

  By being built from cross-laminated timber,  incorporating sustainable technologies and manufactured as a series of prefabricated modules,  a high level of build quality and low carbon footprint would be achieved.

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