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Coliving Design & Architecture for Wellbeing

The Conscious Coliving Manifesto is an open source framework that helps coliving developers and operators embed community, wellbeing and sustainability into their design, operations, experience and strategies. Tom Manwell, Head of Spatial Design at Conscious Coliving, takes this framework and shares with us how coliving spaces can be designed to support individual, community and planetary wellbeing. This article was originally published in Coliving Insights No.3, ‘Impact & Sustainability in Coliving’.

As the Head of Spatial Design for Conscious Coliving and a fully qualified architect & director of Wellstudio Architecture, I am interested in how coliving spaces can support and enhance the wellbeing of their users.

Recently, we explored how coliving design can adapt in the times of Covid-19. Today, we bring our focus to wellbeing, a core element for coliving communities to thrive. Wellbeing is a term which has been trending in recent years. But beyond the Instagram feeds there is a huge depth of intellectual thought and research looking at the factors which make up human wellbeing both physically and mentally. Below I will share some of this research and show examples of how it can be translated into the design of coliving communities in order to foster the wellbeing of individuals, communities and the planet.

Read the full article on Conscious Coliving Website HERE.

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