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Spirala Ecological Home


The Wellstudio team took part in an  architectural competition run by Bee Breeders, to design a home for the community at  Spirala Ecological Village in Portugal.  Our design for the Spirala Community home is a Zome, a form of geodesic dome which uses a spiral, organically embedded into the landscape as its base geometry.


The Zome will use the five elements of nature;  earth, water, fire, air and ether, connecting its occupants to the sun, the stars, the sky, and the rain. These elements will translate into locally sourced timber for the roof structure, shale for the flooring, natural ventilation for the occupants, a central fire pit for ceremony, roof windows which provide views of the sun and the stars and a spiral water channel. The geometry of the Zome also allows for a variation of materials with opaque, transparent and translucent elements, creating a play of natural light and shadow within the space. Internally a space will be created for meeting, cooking, hanging out, yoga, meditation, dinners, rituals, dance, ceremony and celebration for the whole village.

Using a circular plan with a perimeter ramp allows the structure to work with the sloping topography of the site; at a higher level providing access to the upper part of the terrain where a nearby lake is situated,  and at a lower level, creating a semi basement area, with lightwell,  for kitchen and dining facilities.  

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